Consumption of essential fats to lose weight

They are important for us!

People today stay away from the consumption of foods that have fat content in them. Since they have become health conscious, it is necessary to curb the intake of fats in their daily diet. This has mainly developed a phobia that if we consume fatty foods, we are out to gain weight. But it’s said that the consumption of saturated fats is not associated with accelerated risks of coronary cardiovascular disease or stroke. Fats do provide our body with the essential nutrients & provides certain goodness to our body. They are listed as follows:

• People, in their diet, restrict the element called “fat” & associate it with its low substitutes. Such people are themselves accelerating the risky factors of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer which occur to them due to the eradication of this nutrient from their daily diet.

• It is said the some specific forms of fats are not beneficial for the body since they only contribute to losing weight regime & do not prove to be helpful for maintaining good health.

• The adequate combination of fats & protein help to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates so as to acquire potential fitness for our body.

• Consumption of raw nuts such as walnuts, almonds; seeds of pumpkin & sunflower help to regulate the appetite levels & keep an effective check on the weight. It’s said the nuts contain high level of calories but these are conserved efficiently as compared to the calories that are supplied by low-carbohydrate & fat meals.

• This leads to proper delivery of the nutritious mono-saturated & saturated fats. These nuts comprise of low glycemic index which helps for effective regulation of the glucose levels in the bloods stream.

• Doctors suggest that at least two servings of fish every week is beneficial for the heart & provides with vital benefits for the health. Some people who do not consume fish, this can be substituted by consuming sufficient quantity of fish oil on daily basis.

• Important fatty acids are essential for the health & they cannot be produced by the body; it also helps for the regeneration of the new cells & they include omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish oils, flaxseeds, nuts, certain fortified meals etc.

• Food stuffs containing polyunsaturated fatty acids are good for health which is comprised in walnuts, salmon, mackerel, canola oil & many more.

Thus, the consumption of certain fats is very essential to lose weight.

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