Stop Comfort Eating And Lose Weight

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What is Comfort Eating ?

Comfort eating can be a major obstacle in achieving your aim of weight loss. In the book – Forever Young Forever Fit – author Nik Helbig has provided beneficial tips to lose weight and stay young.

Though, most of the times, you get caught into the trap of comfort eating accidentally, you can avoid this with a few techniques.

Start identifying when you start comfort eating:

Whenever you get a craving for the savory food, check when you took your last meal. Ask yourself was it before 3 hours or just half an hour ago? If it was half an hour ago, probably you are not hungry, and it’s just one more incident of comfort eating. Stay away from it and save yourself from gaining some more pounds. Keep a diary and whenever you eat something out of a desire, and make a note into it. This will help you to understand your eating pattern.

Keep a track of your eating habits:

Some people eat unusually when they are happy, whereas some eat too much when stressed out. Check when you tend to eat more. This will help you to stay away from comfort eating. Keep in mind that food doesn’t solves any problem. So there is no point in eating just for the sake of bursting stress.

Think about the food you eat:

Before putting any food in your mouth, ask yourself few questions, such as am I really hungry? Is this food really healthy? If the answer to these questions is yes, then only go ahead with the food. If your mind is concerned about the nutritional values, it will automatically stop you from putting any unhealthy food into the mouth.

Find an alternative:

If you eat when you are bored, find some alternative to reduce your boredom. Go out, read books, watch movies, or listen music. Involve yourself in something that will distract your thoughts from eating. Going out for a walk is the ideal alternative, as along with boosting your mood, it will also help to burn fats.

Avoid buying fatty food:

The best way to stay away from an unhealthy fatty food is not buying them at all. If you don’t find anything to satisfy your cravings at your home, it is more likely that you will find some alternative. On the other hand, if your fridge is always filled with chocolates, pastries, sugary drinks, and tins with biscuits and cakes, you are likely to eat this stuff every now and then. So, avoid buying such tempting food.

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